This is a book about communication practices and how to become a better partner, teammate, writer, speaker, and leader by improving your communication skills. The book makes the argument that communication is not a matter of transmitting information from one place to another. Instead, communication is a practice of producing effects on others. Once we start to ask: “What effect have I had?” we’ll be in a better position to improve our communication skills in a range of settings. By suggesting that we ask “what-effect-have-I-had-?”, Danisch shifts perspective on the kinds of questions, commitments, and interests that condition our understanding of communication and shows that once we change perspective in this manner then our sense of what a good communication practice is changes as well. Therefore, we ought to seek out practices that have the effects that we want, not practices that will help transmit our message from one location to another. We should think about what draws people to us and do more of that. The research seems to indicate pretty clearly what some of those practices are.